Your family's sleep data on demand.
With the Nanit App, know more and sleep better

Milestones, sleep info, and essential insights for your baby's wellness—right at your fingertips



Because their
sleep is your sleep

With our intuitive sleep dashboard, you can view sleep data every morning and evening, including their body and head position.

App auto-captures timelapse videos that highlight your baby’s sleep throughout the day, and you can even see a heat map of their journey throughout the crib.

Cry Detection: No more tears!

Pro Camera now detects and notifies you in app when baby really needs you—and helps you all rest easier, faster (without wondering if it’s the TV or your neighbor!)
Available with Insights Plan

Follow every breath

Gain sensor-free tracking and breathing insights with our Breathing Wear. See Breaths Per Minute, get alerts if they need you, and receive daily/weekly/monthly averages.

Never miss a milestone

Watch Them Grow

When paired with Smart Sheets, active in-crib measurements between pediatrician visits. Available with Insights Premium

Know Their Position

Track their head and body position in the crib. Available with Insights Ultimate

Track Their Moves

Know if your baby's rolled over, is sitting, standing and for how long. Available with Insights Ultimate

Savor the moments that matter

Nanit automatically curates and collects snapshots and video so you never miss a moment. Save and share these moments with ease. Available with Insights Ultimate


Find the right fit for your family

Enhance your insights as you go with our three plans.
Insights Basic plan

Our introductory plan


  • 2 days of video clips and sleep analysis
  • Personalized sleep tips
  • Memories (save up to 12 in baby book)
  • View last sleep event
  • Cry Detection
  • Alert Zone
  • Breathing Motion Monitoring
  • Growth tracking with Smart Sheets
  • Access for 2 users on your parenting team
Insights Premium plan

Our most popular plan


  • Basic plan PLUS:
  • 30 days of video clips and sleep analysis 
  • Memories (save up to 200 in baby book)
  • 2 days of Full Video History
  • Watch Them Grow
  • Access for up to 10 users on your parenting team
Insights Ultimate plan

Our deluxe, top-tier plan


  • Premium plan PLUS:
  • Unlimited days of video clips AND sleep analysis
  • One-on-one sleep coaching consultation*
  • Memories (unlimited number of saves in baby book)
  • 7 days of Full Video History
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Head and body position tracking
  • Movement score
  • Access for up to 50 users on your parenting team

*Currently in beta testing

We're creating a more
approach to building
healthy sleep routines

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